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As the age old saying states, 'An ouch of prevention is worth a pound of cure',
the Kin Oncology and Wellness Clinic is honored to manage you and your families health care with state-of-the-art technology with a Family Medicine approach and treatment.

World Latest Genes Regular Inspection Plan

DNA blood cancer test:Fair market price

The DNA blood cancer test detects very early cancer which is not detected by normal means such as X - ray. Under normal examination, cancer of 1 mm or less size cannot be detected, but it can be detected by our DNA blood cancer test.

Cancer gene to be analyzed

13 carcinogenic genes and their hot spots (places susceptible to mutation) 26 are analyzed.

Current means for mainstream cancer inspection
Types of inspection Method of inspection Limitations
Image inspection CTor MRI Small tumors are easily overlooked
endoscopy Find a tumor in the video Small tumors are difficult to see and easily overlooked
Pathological examination Examining the tissue of the lesion Difficult to collect the lesion, which then is hard to inspect
Inspection objectives

13 proto-oncogenes, and their hot spots (sites susceptible to mutation) 26 are analyzed.
Hematopoiesis and lymph (leukemia etc.) · skin · thyroid · lung · colon · breast · stomach · esophagus · pancreas etc.

Ryoshu-kai clinic collaboration

Based on the results of your examination, IE: cancer detection. Patients who wish to be treated in Japan will be introduced to our cooperative medical institutions most suitable for your case.

Cooperative Medical Institutions:
Specializing in brain illness Kanto Rosai Hospital
Specializing in tongue and pharyngeal cancerTokyo Medical University Hospital and Ariake Cancer Center
Specializing in liver cancerNippon Medical School Attached Hospital and Women's Medical University Hospital
Specializing in colon cancerNippon Medical School Hospital
Specializing in prostate cancerTokyo Hospital Respiratory and Cardiovascular International Medical Center

Premium plan

3 years premium membership premium blood genetic plan
 Fair market price
Five-year membership premium blood genetic plan
 Fair market price
Ten-year membership premium blood genetic plan
 Fair market price

This is the full package plan that manages health for a long term.Your body is your most important asset! If you do not do the examination with aging management, you cannot see the change in your physical condition. In addition to the above-mentioned latest examinations, if cancer is detected and radiotherapy is indicated, you can receive free medical treatment using the our latest Novaris TX at Okinawa's KIN radiation clinic

Novalis radiotherapy device

Our radiation therapy device "Novarith Tx" is equipped with the state of the art technique to irradiate cancer cells pinpoint and reduce the influence on normal tissues with high precision radiation treatment.

Examples of radiotherapy use
Cancer curative surgery treatmentBrain tumor, cervix, esophagus cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, hepatocellular cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, uterine cancer
Palliative radiation therapySymptoms associated with metastasis such as metastatic bone tumor, metastatic lung tumor, and metastatic liver tumor esophagus cancer, Relaxation of symptoms such as food passage disorder due to gastric cancer, dyspnea caused by lung cancer

Also, if micro cancer is discovered, there is positive therapeutic benefits by using our state-of-art immunotherapy and treatment with stem cell therapy in combination.

Treatment plan:

Immunity improvement plan: Fair market price(1 course 6 times) 4 doses Cancer DNA blood test 1 time inclusive

By the latest Cancer DNA Blood Test, you can find invisible cancer cells in the body and treat minute cancer cells in the body using NK cells, CAT therapy, immunotherapy.

NK cell therapy is a treatment to selectively increase only NK cells that are highly killing and attack undifferently if it is a foreign body, and to kill cancer cells.
CAT therapy is a treatment to kill a cell with lymphocytes (CTL (cytotoxic T cell), mainly NK cell, NKT cell) which chose cancer cells to attack.
DC therapy is different from the above thought. It is a treatment using dendritic cells, but dendritic cells themselves do not attack cancer cells. Dendritic cells are cells that serve to teach information on specific cancer cells to CTL. As a procedure, blood is collected for the purpose of extracting a large amount of monocytes which are a part of white blood cells, which is the source of dendritic cells.
Culturing monocytes into dendritic cells, culturing and activating dendritic cells that have been given artificial peptides and autologous cancer tissues, and returning them to the body.

Stem cell course Fair market price(5 times course)

Proliferate autologous stem cells, regain immunity, health, beauty. Cells beside the belly button are collected in 150cc and after 4 hour, stem cells taken from their own cells are prepared and introduced into their bodies by drip infusion.

Adipose-derived cell population and regenerative medical device sight

ADRCs are extracted from adipose-derived regenerative cells (stem cells) from heterogeneous cell populations. Since we use ADRCs from your own body, we can filter out and remove the extra ingredients and return it to the body in a purely refined condition. Treatment with your own cells avoids problems such as cell rejection and does not require anti-rejection or immunosuppressant's.

PET-CT inspection is not carried out at the Ryoshukai

PET-CT is a highly accurate and reliable test in identifying cancer when cancer is suspected. We believe that patients judged to be "cancer suspect" should undergo PET-CT examination and receive more accurate treatment.

PET-CT examination contraindications
* It is difficult to discover and judge organ, urology system, brain, heart and liver where glucose gathers normally. ※ PET-CT not useful for hepatocellular carcinoma, biliary tract cancer, or leukemia. * PET-CT is difficult for people whose blood glucose level exceeds 140 mg / dl due to glucose increased at inflammatory areas . The Preventative Health Check-up performs blood sugar level testing and cancer examination on the same day, if high blood sugar is detected a PET examination will need to be rescheduled. Also, people with high CRP and white blood cells may get erroneously results due to elevated glucose. MRI, simple X-ray, camera, ultrasound, tumor marker test can show suspicion for cancer but the PET can positively identify its absence or presence

Exposure dose
The dose in one PET-CT examination is 14-18 mSv. The dose from a PET-CT does not constitute any concern for health risks as the radiation exposure limits of radiation are 50 mSv in 1 year and 100 mSv in 5 years. PET-CT is a very useful examination method to accurately detect cancer onset. However, in the Preventative Medical Examination, MRI is the primary screening tool utilized.

Behavior restrictions
The following restrictions apply to receiving PET-CT examination. Please do not over exert yourself physically 2-3 days before your examination. ※ Intravenous injection of a radiopharmaceutical requires you to rest one hour after administration as well as remain in the radiation control area approx. 2 hours after the examination is completed.